Meet Dr. Bhupen Trivedi, Vice President of Research and Development

The ability to successfully compete in today’s market requires a comprehensive understanding of consumers and their unmet needs, as well as vast technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of all the latest raw materials. Elco’s Research and Development Department, led by Dr. Bhupen Trivedi, stands by these principals and has been providing customers with innovative formulas that have unlocked new levels of product innovation in the marketplace. 

Dr. Trivedi holds a Ph.D. in organic chemistry and has over 47 years of experience. His success is unmatched, handling every project with a deep level of care and enthusiasm. In just the past four months, Dr. Trivedi has developed five formulas; two have already been commercialized and are available in major retailers today! 

Dr. Trivedi is also well-versed in addressing EU regulations. One of Elco's major customers is based in the UK and just recently received a "best in the market" award for a formula Dr. Trivedi developed last year. 

We encourage our customers to work closely with Dr. Trivedi and our Research and Development team, tapping into their extensive knowledge base. Whether working on improvements to an existing product or developing a new one, Elco has you covered!